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Fine hair has unique needs that traditional hair care products often fail to meet.

Parformer is leading a greater mission and conversation to advocate for fine-haired beauties all over the globe.

We formulate our products using the latest green chemistry and all-natural ingredients to deliver superior moisture, elemental protection, and deep nourishment without compromising volume.

Transformation Hair Care 

Heavy silicones? Thick oils? Greasy residue? No thank you!

Our nourishing hair oil is formulated with the most nutrient-rich yet lightweight plant-based botanicals that are suitable for even the finest of hair after many iterations of R&D. It is also free from ingredients that are often problematic for fine hair like silicones, coconut oil and protein. 


We are mindful of what goes into our products and try to use ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources wherever we can. We value integrity and honesty and want to make hair care more transparent by sharing evidence-based research.

The same principles apply to our use of plastic: As a rule, we use as little plastic as possible, while aiming for 100% post-consumer recycled plastic to reduce our environmental footprint. Our goal for the future is to eliminate plastic in all our packaging for a happier and greener planet.